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Color Consultation

Sherwin Williams offers the newest color trends for 2017. Available for the web, iPad, and mobile (iPhone & Android), ColorSnap visualizer helps you make color selection faster and easier than ever before! Click here to explore colors and see room designs for the web. 

Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

Painting Ideas And Paint Color Consultation - Buffalo, NY

Choosing the wrong paint color can be frustrating!  With so many paint colors to choose from, it makes sense to hire a color expert to accomplish the results you are seeking.  We have experience color consulting on many projects and have used many colors we have loved.  Classic Renovations of Buffalo's Color Consultants have the tools available to help you make the best decision for your space!  Our color consultants will come to your home or office with all of Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore's paint colors (your choice of paint vendor).

Why should you hire a Color Consultant?

  • A color consultant will create a custom color palette to enhance any room design, taking the room's walls, trim, ceiling, and other architectural details into consideration.
  • They are knowledgeable about all the paint products on the market and can recommend the right ones for your project.
  • A Color Consultant will work with you on large or small scale projects.
  • They can identify which color undertones are compatible for your project.  Ex.  Your favorite color may be purple; but what is the best color purple for your kitchen?  All colors have undertones.  A trained expert can correctly identify the undertones that are compatible.
  • A Color Consultant will collaborate with you to ensure you get the result you want to achieve.
  • They know how to choose the right color for your interior painting and exterior painting project.​
  • Our color consultants will meet with you in the comfort of your home to help you choose colors you love! 
  • At the end of the consultation, you will have a color palette tailored to fit your decor.  We will also educate you on paint quality, techniques, and what you will need to complete your project.

** Color Consultation service start at $50.00 per hour.  Service is included with every signed contract upon request.

Contact 716-870-0999 to schedule a consultation today.

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Paint color is the single most important visible element in any design.  Choosing the right color can sometimes feel overwhelming, but fortunately that are free online tools from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to help you pick the right color!  Whether you are trying to match the tones in a favorite piece of furniture, preserve the historic aspects of your exterior, or simply bring a room to life, today's paint manufacturers have the tools available to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Do You Need Help Choosing The Perfect Interior Paint Colors?

Benjamin Moore offers the newest color tends for 2017. Click here to explore the colors and to see room designs.