The painting professionals at Classic Renovations of Buffalo, INC. can handle all of your low VOC, no VOC, green environmentally friendly, and antimicrobial painting around Buffalo, NY.  The antimicrobial painting can do more than freshen up your interior surfaces; they can help to maintain your health, the health of clients and employees.  Antimicrobial paints offer additional protection against 99.9% of common pathogens, resist mold, fungus, and mildew.  The special antimicrobial paints are ideal for places such as:

  • Painting Baby Rooms, Nurseries
  • Painting Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Painting Assisted Living Establishments
  • Painting Hotels
  • Painting Restaurants
  • Painting Colleges and Schools
  • Painting Places of Worship and Churches

Antimicrobial Paint Technology

​This paint technology is pretty new, but our paint contractors have mastered the painting concepts and techniques.  These paints contain materials that are safe for humans and your antimicrobial painting contractor in Buffalo can help you choose from no odor, low VOC, and green paints that meet the highest environmental standards.  The colors of antimicrobial/antibacterial paints are endless!  Consider using a green and hygienic paints during your next project to minimize the risks of airborne contaminants.

Some of the low odor and low/zero VOC paints we use include Sherwin Williams Harmony and Benjamin Moore's Natura, Mythic.

Some of the low odor and low/zero VOC paints we use include Benjamin Moore’s Natura, Mythic, and Sherwin William’s Harmony.  For antimicrobial, we use Sherwin Williams Paint Shield which is guaranteed by the EPA to kill bacteria and is mold resistant.

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