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It's a high probability that you have lead in the interior or exterior of your home or business if it was built before 1978. The cracking, chalking, peeling, and chipping paint can create dust that is easily ingested or inhaled. Lead is poisonous and can cause brain and nervous system damage when ingested by children.  Lead poisoning in adults can lead to reproductive issues, nerve disorders, and a variety of other problems.​  The EPA has established strict guidelines for safe lead paint removal.  Part of the guidelines require contractors who could disturb lead paint in older homes to take a lead safety course and and become certified in lead abatement safety.

If you're looking for a lead removal or lead abatement professional in Buffalo, NY, call Classic Renovations of Buffalo, INC.  We are a New York approved EPA certified lead removal company.  If you're concerned about lead violations or your own personal safety, you can find peace of mind by calling us for advice and an estimate to remove the lead.  During the estimate, you'll be advised on the best remediation for your lead abatement which can include:

  • Encapsulation - Placing a liquid coating over the lead paint.
  • Enclosure - Covering and sealing the lead paint, such as covering a wall with new drywall.
  • Removal - Safely removing the lead paint to expose the bare non-contaminated area.
  • Replacement - Removing the wall, trim, etc. that contains lead paint and replace with new components

Avoiding lead poisoning protects the health of your family, friends, tenants, and employees.  Call us today for an estimate!

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​If you need a reliable and trustworthy Buffalo, NY lead removal and lead abatement contractor, contact Classic Renovations of Buffalo, INC. today.  We'll provide you with an estimate, an overview of the services we intend to provide and the costs associated with your repairs.

Lead Paint Removal and Abatement - Buffalo, NY

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