How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Some things to keep in mind

Painting kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them can save you thousands of dollars. This is a great option to replacement, especially when your metal or wood cabinets are in great condition. There are many websites providing instructions on a do-it-yourself project for painting kitchen cabinets, however, it can be challenging to professional painting contractors to get it right!  If painting your kitchen cabinets is something you’d like to tackle, here are some things to keep in mind.

Painting your kitchen cabinets takes a lot of time so plan.  Will you be cooking outside while your kitchen is apart or going out to eat?  Also, do you have a space in your home to paint the cabinets?  The garage is a great place to setup a paint booth or another area of your home to work on painting the cabinet doors and drawers.  You will need to give yourself the proper time to paint the cabinets correctly.

You need to take many steps to do the project right.  There are multiple products with an odor that will be used during the process such as cleaner solvents, primers, and paint.  It’s important to contain the area used as your painting room as sanding dust and odors will travel throughout the home.

The best cabinets to repaint are wood or metal.  Wood cabinets must be caulked, puttied as needed and the wood grain will be filled in after several coats of paint.  All the doors and drawer fronts need to be removed.  We recommend removing all the items in your cabinets and drawers, even if you do not paint the inside.

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